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Everything you need to create an e-Strategic Plan for your organization - primers, guides, templates, samples, examples, case studies, tools, best practices, trends, and much more...

e-Strategy Chapters

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) era is upon us. The CIO is at an advantage because you already know technology. This section will help you master e-Business skills so your transition is not only smooth but also guaranteed!

Digital Disruption

Understand how web based technologies are changing the world around us to harness these forces for competitive advantage.

e-Business Strategy

An e-business strategy helps create new business models leveraging the internet. This chapter will help the CIO understand how to create a strategic plan for e-Business.

e-Business Operations

How does e-Business change enterprise operations? What changes in the IT Organization to enable e-Business. Learn how to create operations to support your e-Strategy

e-Business Marketing

If there is a profound change in the enterprise because of the digital era it is the fusion of marketing and technology. CIOs have an opportunity to get a seat at the table. Learn how technology driven marketing can fundamentally remake the enterprise.

e-Business Topics

Privacy, digital trust, net neutrality, globalization are but a few of the new concepts changing your business environment thanks to a boundaryless world. Here, we discuss these topics and help the CIO craft a point of view and a response.

Social Media

The third phase of the internet is upon us - from information to transaction to community, the website is now the hub of your ecosystem - online. How to leverage community and how to not be negatively affected by the rising tide of social networking? CIOs need to stay ahead of this juggernaut.

Enterprise Mobility

Your business is global. Your enterprise is in the palm of your customer. This new reality means that the CIO must focus on mobility - the next wave of enterprise transformation is gaining speed. Are you ready?

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