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IT Operations Body of Knowledge

Everything You Need to Create an IT Operations Plan for Your Organization

436+ Reference Documents
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Welcome to the world's best resource library on IT Operations for CIOs and Senior Technology Managers. Stay ahead of the game with world class insights - practical thought leadership, proven tools, emerging trends and best practices for sustainable results.

Search through hundreds of technology management topics and thousands of articles, presentations, documents, tools, templates, case studies, samples, and best practices that will help you make informed decisions.

IT Operations Body of Knowledge Chapters

  1. Introduction to IT Operations
    What is IT Operations? This chapter contains information on the definition of IT Operations, and its context. Download documents on IT Operations definition, IT Operations overview, IT Operations primer, and IT Operations introduction.

  2. Benefits and Challenges in IT Operations Planning
    Why is IT Operations important? Why is IT Operations difficult to implement? This chapter helps CIOs understand the benefits from IT Operations planning, and the challenges to overcome.

  3. IT Operations Process
    This chapter has documents related to step by step process (Implementation)/Cycle/formulation/how to create/how to develop an IT Operations plan

  4. IT Operations Frameworks and Models
    Detailed information on the key IT Operations Frameworks used by organizations around the world.

  5. IT Operations Guides
    Complete guides on IT Operations – from definition, to step by step guidance, and more.

  6. IT Operations Templates
    Why start from scratch when you have access to templates that can be customized for your requirements? The fastest, and easiest way to create a plan for IT Operations using true and tried steps and methods.

  7. IT Operations Case Studies
    This chapter contains downloads on IT Operations in action in the enterprise. Hundreds of case studies, samples, and examples demonstrate real world design, implementation, and use of IT Operations in organizations across industry.

  8. IT Operations Tools
    This chapter has information on tools that can be used to create anIT Operations plan.

  9. IT Operations Governance
    Downloads on governance processes, and organizational structures that facilitate effective monitoring and control of the IT Operations process.

  10. IT Operations Organization
    Information on the team, and organization required to power the IT Operations process.

  11. IT Operations Best Practices
    The focus of this chapter is on proven ways to create and implement an IT Operations plan. It covers best practices, and lessons learned.

  12. IT Operations Diagnostic/Assurance
    Guidance on periodic review and assessment of the IT Operations initiative. An outcomes based evaluation of IT Operations is absolutely essential to ensuring results.

  13. IT Operations Maturity Model
    A good measure of progress is the organization's place on a IT Operations maturity model. This provides feedback on progress made to date, and an idea of the path ahead to reach even greater heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

  14. IT Operations Business Case
    This chapter covers creating a business case for the IT Operations initiative or program. How to measure, and communicate business value created using IT Operations planning.

  15. IT Operations Metrics
    Metrics (and Key Performance Indicators) are an essential tool to assess progress. They both set the goal and help measure performance against it.

  16. IT Operations Trends
    Where is the business world headed? How does that impact requirements on technology? How is technology shaping your industry? CIOs need to stay abreast of the latest trends affecting their organization. This chapter tracks the latest trends in business and IT.

  17. IT Operations Benchmarking
    Information on assessing performance against peers across industry. This chapter helps guide the IT Organization using comparison with peers.

  18. IT Operations Implementation
    The difference between an EAplan and a great EAplan is implementation. This is where the promise is turned into profits. This chapter provides information on implementation consideration in IT Operations, migration strategy and plans, and building implementation roadmaps to visualizethe journey ahead.

  19. Cross Function Topics
    IT Operations is not an island. It affects, and is affected by functions, and disciplines around it – IT Strategy, e-strategy, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture to name a few. This chapter explores these connections, and their impdtcations.

  20. Miscellaneous
    There is a lot more information that cuts across these topics. This chapter houses all that does not neatly fits in one of the buckets above.

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