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Technology Strategy (Information and Communications Technology Strategy or IT Strategy) is a plan of action to create an information technology capability for maximum and sustainable value for an organization. Technology strategy leads to business IT alignment, however, an effective IT Strategy begins with focusing on aligning business and IT Capability rather than designing IT to address business requirements. Strategic planning ensures that maximum IT dollars are spent on creating business value for the organization. Technology strategic planning is an iterative process and not a one-time activity. 

Creating a strategic plan for technology requires a deep understanding of the business environment that the organization is operating in – industry, sector, and the specific competitive environments and prevalent technology trends all shape IT strategy. A CIO or their IT Strategist must be well versed in “business technology” i.e. the impact of technology on business to create competitive advantage or business value through cost efficiencies.  

CIOs today understand the imperative for organizations to design and develop a flexible strategic technology plan (IT Strategic plan) that ensures sustainable value through critical success factors such as business and IT alignment, competitive advantage and above all innovation. The new generation of strategy-oriented CIOs enable their IT leaders and their team to creatively collaborate with their business counterparts successfully execute the strategic vision of the organization. 

Technology Strategy Knowledgebase

Information Technology Strategy (IT Strategy) chapter in the CIO Desk Reference is a comprehensive knowledge-base on the topic. We have aggregated, categorized, and tagged information in the public domain to assist in its search and discovery to further the profession.

  1. What is Information Technology Strategy (IT Strategy)?, The definition of IT Strategy, 
  2. IT Strategy Frameworks (IT Value Mapping, Gartner etc.) and their selection and comparison, articles on IT Strategy, 
  3. IT Strategy tools and templates, IT Strategy samples and examples, IT Strategy Case Studies
  4. IT Strategy Best practices, tips, and lessons learned, 

Members are free to search and download IT Strategy documents (MS word and Adobe pdf), IT strategy presentations (powerpoint, ppt, pdf format), IT strategy templates (excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf files), 

Technology Strategy Events

Learn from IT strategy experts by attending one of our webcasts. Please view the listing of upcoming events on technology strategy and other information technology Management topics on the CIO Events page.

Technology Strategy Training

CIO Index provides cutting edge IT Strategy Training and certification in collaboration with the American Institute of Management and Information Technology (A.I.M.IT). Please view the complete IT Strategy course listings and IT Strategy curriculum on the CIO Training Page.

Technology Strategy Experts

Planning on collaborating with IT Strategy experts? Looking for IT strategic planning consultants? CIO Index has compiled a list of strategists who specialize in business technology alignment. Feel free to contact them directly.Members may also view the profiles of or directly contact the IT Strategy experts listed using in-messaging. 



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