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Running IT Like a Business

This whitepaper discusses the requirements of running IT like a business - what a business driven CIO must do to extract the biggest bang for their IT buck! Good Read!

IT Pricing Models

This whitepaper discusses various price models for information technology (IT) services which can be used in a chargeback framework, and/or to run IT like a business. Very good discussion!

What is Running IT Like a Business

What does it mean to run IT like a business? Does IT deliver more value running as a function or as a business? What are the leading practices to transform an internal function into a business? This paper helps us answer these questions, and more. It...

The Running IT Like a Business Journey

Is a move to "IT as a Service" a logical next step in the journey of "running IT like a business?" The author explores this issue in this presentation.

Managing IT as a Business

This presentation provides an overview of running IT like a business. What does it mean? Why should one consider running IT like a business? How to implement IT as a business? CIOs who are trying to migrate their organizations into internal service ...

Step by Step Guide to Run IT Like a Business

This whitepaper details a step by step process to run IT like a business. Running IT as an internal service organization provides business value through better coordination between business requirements and IT investment and capability. This is an e...

IT As an Internal Service Organization

Running IT as a business delivers the biggest bang for the buck - highest business value for the lowest cost. Businesses get that value through leaner operations, faster time to market, and improved capability. IT Organization also gains because it ...

Enterprise Architecture for Running IT Like a Business

This presentation discusses the implementation of running IT like a business, specifically the enterprise architecture in support of this new paradigm. This excellent discussion lays out the foundation of a business focused delivery of IT services, ...

Case Study: Transforming an IT Organization to Run Like a Business

This document describes the journey of and results from the transformation of an IT organization to run like a business. A good place to learn why IT should be run like a business and what to expect along the journey.

Running IT Like a Business Best Practices

This white paper discusses best practices in implementing IT services to run IT like a business. It provides examples of these principles being applied to real life situations. A good place to understand leading practices in identifying and implement...

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