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Oracle Enterprise Architecture Framework: Information Architecture Domain

This paper contends that Enterprise information architecture must be viewed as part of the overall enterprise architecture (EA), which provides the structure and discipline required to align an organization’s business operations, organizations and in...

Database as a Service: Reference Architecture – An Overview

In this white paper, the concept of Database as a Service is introduced and defined. Further sections elaborate on the benefits and opportunities of implementing a DBaaS strategy.

Oracle Information Architecture: An Architect's Guide to Big Data

This paper discusses adding Big Data capabilities to overall information architecture, planning for adoption using an enterprise architecture perspective, and describes some key use cases.

Maximizing SOA Returns with Enterprise Architecture

This whitepaper discusses that by combining Services Oriented Architectures with Enterprise Architectures, an organization can achieve increased value and cost savings through the implementation of a shared services infrastructure.

Leveraging Governance to Sustain Enterprise Architecture Efforts

The paper discusses the attributes of a quality Enterprise Architecture program and how to instill a holistic, governance-driven technology/capability adoption process.

Unlocking the Mainframe: Modernizing Legacy Systems to a Service-Oriented Architecture

 This whitepaper discusses the use of service oriented architecture (SOA) to modernize legacy environments hosted on mainframes.

Application Grid: The Ideal Platform for IT Consolidation

Application grid is an emerging architecture for application server-level infrastructure that is ideally suited for consolidation.

Data Grids and Service-Oriented Architecture

Clustered caching and data grid infrastructures ensure availability, reliability, and scalable performance for SOA.

Enhance Customer Loyalty through Higher Responsiveness

 Through four case studies, the white paper describes how with Oracle Coherence ecommerce customers can improve customer experience, customer loyalty, revenues and lower costs leading to higher profitability, and ultimately market leadership.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership for Mission-Critical Applications

As companies seek to lower their total cost of ownership, adopt more standards oriented platforms, and leverage existing IT assets while not compromising on the mission critical nature of their business applications, Oracle Tuxedo emerges as the pla...

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