Bridging the Strategy-Execution Gap

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Information Technology for Strategic, Competitive Advantage

 This presentation provides the connection between corporate or business strategy and Information Technology Strategy.

Balanced Scorecard Case Study - Canadian Blood Services

 This case study shows how Canadian Blood Services uses the Balanced Scorecard to create its corporate strategy and transform its "business".

IT Strategy Creation and Implementation

This paper presents a definition, process and methodology for IT Strategy.

Architectural Alignment

Enterprise Architecture in its business/organizational context, focusing on business and IT strategy.

Balanced Scorecard for Strategy Execution

 Why do companies with a well thought through strategic roadmap not reach their destination? "Corporate strategies are intellectually simple; their execution is not. The question is, can you execute? That’s what differentiates one company from another."

Bridging the Strategy-Execution Gap

Great Strategy + Lousy Execution = failure. No exceptions to this rule. Don Tapscott argues that one can have them both. If only they tried.

IT Delivery Gap

 This presentation discusses performance assessment to determine and plug the it delivery gap i.e. the promise of strategy not being fulfilled by execution.

Why Strategic Vision Fails to Deliver?

This article explores some of the reasons that might explain why so many companies struggle to achieve their strategic vision. It concludes that for many the answer lies in the quality of the strategic management processes used.

IT Operating Model for Business IT Alignment

This research explores the issue of business IT alignment from an IT operating model perspective - how to decide which IT operating model best serves the needs of the business?

Business IT Strategic Alignment Lessons Learnt

This master thesis provides insights into business-IT Strategic alignment concept in theory and practice, and it addresses two important issues within business-IT strategic alignment - 1) define strategic alignment and alignment gap between business and IT strategy 2) how to manage strategic alignment - using a conceptual model validated by illustrative case studies.

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