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Business Capability Model

 This paper presents a business capability framework "to provide a conceptual approach to analyze an organization and to provide a foundation that would support the architecture of an agile organization"

Introduction to Microsoft Services Business Architecture (MSBA)

This presentation discusses business architecture and capabilities as a foundation for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Agile Methods Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation

 Return on investment (ROI) or business value calculations for agile methods

Aligning Business Process Architecture and Enterprise Architecture

This presentation provides guidance on aligning Business Process Architecture and Enterprise Architectures using Model Driven Architecture (MDA) framework and approach.

Using Enterprise Architecture to Quantify the Benefits of Information Technology Projects

 This paper presents a "structured" framework to quantify the "overall financial impact of an IT project," based upon enterprise architecture planning.

Enterprise Architecture For Competitive Advantage

This presentation discusses creating competitive advantage using enterprise architecture.

SOA and Business Rules

This presentation describes the practical application of service oriented architecture (SOA) and business rules to solve a real world problem.

Technology Driven Innovation

Technology enables business strategy. Does technology drive business strategy? This paper discusses the latter in great depth

Moving from a Business Architecture to an IT Implementation

Explains how to model a business architecture as a network of capabilities, and then transform the business architecture into a service-oriented architecture.

GRAAL: Aligning Application Architecture to the Business Context

Mastered the alignment of application architecture to business architecture yet? Read On...

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