COBIT page on CIO Index provides important information and resources on the topic - what is COBIT?, articles on COBIT, experts in COBIT etc. Members are free to download COBIT powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf, word documents (login required), and view the profiles of or directly contact the COBIT experts listed using in-messaging.

COBIT Maturity Model

 This article provides a framework for COBIT maturity and presents results from a benchmark using this method.

COBIT Framework Overview

 This excellent presentation provides an overview to the Cobit framework.

COBIT as an IT Governance Framework

IT Governance Framework: This presentation provides a good overview of IT Governance and COBIT and through that provides a connection between the two.

Business IT Alignment Best Practices with ITIL, COBIT and COSO

This is an excellent presentation on integrating ITIL, COBIT and COSO.

Integrating Three Major IT Governance Frameworks (CoBit, ITIL and ISO 27002)

This in-depth brief discusses IT governance best practices in general and CoBit, ITIL and ISO 27002 in particular.

A Guide to COBIT - Part 1

An excellent in-depth overview of COBIT framework. MUST READ!

Connecting IT Governance, SoX, COSO and CoBiT

 This excellent presentation provides an overview to IT Governance and then connects it with the three key frameworks - Sarbanes Oxley (SoX), CoSo and CoBiT.

IT Governance Handbook

This handbook for beginners - written for people with little or no business experience - provides very good overviews of:
1) IT Governance
2) The COBIT Framework

COBIT as a Risk Management Framework

Excellent presentation on putting COBIT in context.

COBIT Framework for IT Governance – Analysis and experience

Transforming IT infrastructure management into IT Service Management and further into IT Governance? COBIT Can help.

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