compliance page on CIO Index provides important information and resources on the topic - what is compliance?, articles on compliance, experts in compliance etc. Members are free to download compliance powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf, word documents (login required), and view the profiles of or directly contact the compliance experts listed using in-messaging.

A Practical Guide to IT Governance Audit

This guide provides valuable insight into IT Governance and Strategy with a view to auditing the same. What is IT Governance? How to prepare for an audit? How to conduct a successful audit?

A Single Framework for Compliance?

A good discussion on the need for a single framework for compliance to replace/work with existing frameworks. Good Read!

An Introduction to Computer Auditing

This paper provides an overview of computer audit - what are the main activities in conducting a computer audit and what is the role of the computer auditor?

An Information Security and Compliance Risk Management Framework

This presentation discusses information security and compliance risk management - what is it? why do it? - and introduces a framework to implement it in the healthcare industry.

Unified IT Compliance

This presentation provides an overview of unified IT compliance - what is it? why is it needed? how to implement it? what are the common standards/frameworks?

Case Study - Risk and Compliance Using Cobit

This case study demonstrates the use of the Cobit framework for risk and compliance. Cobit Maturity model is used for assessment of IT governance, risk and compliance controls assessment to determine vulnerabilities. Good Read.

Our Journey to a World Class Audit Group

This case study details the internal audit and IT audit strategy for Novelis - the world's largest manufacturer of rolled aluminum products.

The Role of IT Governance Controls in Accurate Financial Reporting

This presentation discusses the role of internal controls in ensuring accurate financial reporting. The presenter provides an overview of PCAOB, internal controls and their role in the audit of financial reporting, common issues with IT governance controls and how to address them.

Guidelines for Planning an IS Audit

This presentation discusses the planning and implementation of an IT audit - what are the key considerations? how to address the requirements of an IT Audit?

An Audit Perspective on Cloud Computing

This powerpoint presentation introduces cloud computing, highlights the risks associated with it, discusses how to monitor and control them using industry standard frameworks, and illustrates this with a case study.

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