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Buzzword: Disruptive Technology

What is "disruptive technology"? What is it disrupting?

The Myth of Disruptive Technology

Is the concept of disruptive technology a myth? The author argues that it is.

10 Technology Trends Shaping the World of Business

This research report highlights the key technology trends with the potential to transform business, and society. CIOs must understand the forces driving these trends, and how they will impact their industry, and enterprise - anticipating the power and impact of these trends can help save your company, and help shape its future. Very Good Read! (150 pages)

Disruptive Technologies for a Better Tomorrow

The fate of technology is not an undecipherable enigma that only engineers at Google, Amazon, or Samsung can solve. We can make better decisions in the present by developing a smarter understanding of the laws that govern technological evolution, of how it behaves over time, and what lies over the horizon. If we start thinking about these issues today, we can turn our discomfort into action.

e-Book - Technology Trends That Will Shape the Business World

This is an indepth discussion on the technology trends that are reshaping the world around us. CIOs can get ahead of them to harness them for unprecedented business value. Excellent Discussion! (100+ pages)

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