e_Business page on CIO Index provides important information and resources on the topic - what is e_Business?, articles on e_Business, experts in e_Business etc. Members are free to download e_Business powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf, word documents (login required), and view the profiles of or directly contact the e_Business experts listed using in-messaging.

Osterwalder Business Model Template

This business model template provides a good framework to analyze business models. MUST READ!

Is your Website Making Sales Calls?

This white paper discusses using your web presence to build trust and turn online relationships into sales leads - perhaps, closing sales as well?

eBook: Guide to Digital Business Transformation

This document provides guidance to the CxO to transform their business for the digital age. This guide to digital transformation defines and describes digital business, lays out the imperative for the CEO to transform their business to the digital age, discusses the options for implementation, and recommends a step by step approach for migration. Excellent Read!

Global Portal Strategy

This presentation discusses a global portal strategy in the context of localization - global company's products and services tailored for a local audience.

Case Study: Internet Enabled ERP System Implementation

This paper details the implementation considerations - planning and problems/issues faced - for an internet enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

Developing a Mobile Strategy

This presentation makes the case for going mobile. Why? unprecedented reach!

The Success and Failure of Pure Play e-Businesses

This research focuses on a simple question: why did Webvan fail and Peapod succeed? It uses four factors to compare the failure of one and the success of the other in the same market! The factors are: managerial decisions, logistical infrastructure, technological systems, and marketing strategies.

Connecting Business Strategy and Business Models

 This presentation makes the connection between business strategy and business models with examples.

CIO and Web 2.0

This presentation makes the case for CIO leadership in web 2.0 - first, it lays the foundation through a discussion on best practices that lead to successful communities and then illustrates them through case studies. CIOs have a real opportunity to get a seat at the table by learning, communicating and implementing the business value of web 2.0

Applying CyberLaw to Twitter

This paper discusses the public policy, regulatory and legal issues related to social networking with an emphasis on Twitter.

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