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CIO as Change Leader

Catalyst for change. Expert on what\'s prossible. Guru of risk management. These are some of the many roles CIOs will play in the Enterprise of the Future. What do these new expectations mean to CIOs?

The CIO Profession: Leaders of Change, Drivers of Innovation

This paper presents a self-assessment by CIOs of their capabilities along four competencies that comprise the core skill set of the strategic CIO.

The 2008 Global CEO Study: Implications for the CIO

What does the CEO expect of their CIO?

Identifying what should be changed: How public officials and military leaders can choose wisely

Component business modeling techniques can help government agencies and the military in mapping our changes to adapt to shifting needs in their missions and structures.

Amazon vs. IBM: Big Blue meets match in battle for the cloud

The tech industry maxim that "no one ever got fired for buying IBM" is a testament to how Big Blue has been the gold standard in computing services for decades.

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