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IT Cannot be a Profit Center

Of late, there is a lot of emphasis on IT ROI. While this is commendable, extending this argument to convert the IT Organization into a profit center is taking it to another extreme. For example, are HR, finance, and marketing profit centers? Why not?

The Future CIO

This research paper identifies critical skills and competencies required of the future chief information officer (CIO). It also discusses the characteristics of the IT Organization required to meet business needs.

The CFO’s View on Measuring IT Value

This report explores how CFOs/finance departments measure the value of IT investments and return on ongoing IT spending.

Total Cost of Ownership for Blade Servers

 This whitepaper presents a total cost of ownership (TCO) based comparison of initial deployment costs of blade versus rack mounted servers

Total Cost of Ownership for Point of Sale Systems

 This white paper uses the total cost of ownership (TCO) model to evaluate advanced store system software.

Making the Pricing Decision

This presentation discusses in depth the factors governing pricing decisions and how to use them to gain competitive advantage. Excellent read!

IT Service Cost Allocation

This presentation discusses internal service cost allocation -what is cost allocation? what are the objectives of cost allocation? how to perform cost allocation using a framework and process?

Setting a Price for Services

This presentation discusses the objectives and factors governing pricing of services and tries to make the connection between price and value.

Introduction to Price Analysis

This presentation discusses price analysis in depth - what is price analysis? why perform price analysis? how to perform price analysis?

Meeting the CIO Challenge

IT organizations perceived as cost centers good for deploying and maintaining information technology applications and tools. This perception not only limits the role of the IT organization but also severely hinders its ability to create business value. How can a CIO change this perception and unleash the full power of IT to conceive, build and deploy a truly strategic capability that creates business value? That is a modern CIO's challenge. This article discusses how to meet this challenge and turn it into an opportunity.

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