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Buzzword: IT Capability

What is IT Capability? If you want to understand why some IT organizations create more value than others, it is imperative to understand this buzzword.

A Capability Based Model for Business IT Alignment

This presentation deals with business IT alignment from a capabilities perspective - actually actively promotes the use of capabilities based model and iterative development and implementation.

A five-step approach toward a capabilities centered IT strategy

 This paper describes a five-step IT Strategy process for unlocking IT’s full potential to deliver business value.

Using IT-CMF to Deliver Business Value

This presentation discusses the role of the CIO in the delivery of business value. Using the IT CMF (IT Capability Maturity) Framework they can, on the one hand, start a new, business value based, dialogue, with their business partners and on the other, engage their IT suppliers to deliver IT ROI based products and services. 

A Framework for Business Capability Alignment

This paper describes a holistic framework to connect strategy, processes, people, and technology to create business results. This "organizational alignment" provides a mechanism for complementary capabilities that combine to create unprecedented business value.

The Coherence Premium

Is your strategy revenue focused? Some companies start by building differentiated capabilities aligned to market opportunities - the author argues that the market rewards them with sustained superior results.

Case Study - Capability Driven Business IT Alignment

This excellent presentation discusses a capability driven approach to business IT alignment. This approach - and related artifacts - were used at a mid-sized company. 

Using Enterprise Architecture to Implement Business Strategy

This presentation demonstrates the key role enterprise architecture plays in implementing business strategy. The key concepts discussed are business model, business architecture, IT capability, and IT roadmap. Their interconnection, and interaction converts business strategy into enterprise value. Excellent Discussion.

IT Strategic Capability Audit

This report describes the results of an audit of the key drivers of IT capability - IT Strategy, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture etc. - to analyze their ability to deliver business results and make an assessment of the actual results delivered. (50+ pages)

Building a Capability Driven Organization

This presentation proposes a framework and methodology to drive value using IT capabilities. It discusses an IT strategic capabilities maturity model, and a step by step approach to evolving IT capability to maturity levels that deliver superior business value. Good Read!

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