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IT Outsourcing page on CIO Index provides important information and resources on the topic - what is IT Outsourcing?, articles on IT Outsourcing, experts in IT Outsourcing etc. Members are free to download IT Outsourcing powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf, word documents (login required), and view the profiles of or directly contact the IT Outsourcing experts listed using in-messaging.

Supplier Evaluation Framework and Process

 This paper introduces a supplier evaluation framework and process that focuses on building sustainable supplier relationships based upon core values.

An Overview of the Strategic Sourcing Process

 This presentation describes a 7 step process to strategic sourcing.

Benefits and Challenges of a Multi-Sourcing Strategy

This white paper examines current sourcing trends, discusses innovation in sourcing strategy, and analyzes the benefits and challenges of a multi-vendor sourcing model.

Strategic Sourcing Explained

Bargains are good. Strategic sourcing is better - "when key purchasing decisions are handled creatively, bargains are just the beginning." This article explains the concept of strategic sourcing in simple, easy to understand terms - What's So Strategic About Sourcing? where is the strategy in sourcing?

Outsourcing Management Body of Knowledge (OMBOK)

 Outsourcing Management Body of Knowledge (OMBOK)™ is a framework for professional outsourcing

Introduction to Outsourcing Models

The authors discuss aligning sourcing strategy with business objectives i.e. results driven strategic sourcing. The white paper introduces common outsourcing models that produce results - staff augmentation, managed services, project outsourcing, and out tasking.

Strategic Sourcing Strategy

This paper provides a risk driven approach strategic sourcing strategy - first assess risks associated with outsourcing, then use these risks to screen candidates for outsourcing and make the key decisions on in-sourcing versus outsourcing.

Software Licensing and Pricing Best Practices

This presentation discusses: How can organizations reduce cost and risk in software deals? What are the hidden costs in SaaS agreements, and how can organizations avoid them?

Overview of eSourcing Capability Model (eSCM)

 Overview of eSourcing Capability Model (eSCM) provides an in depth description of the eSCM framework and explain how it will revolutionize the business of outsourcing.

Data Center Outsourcing

This whitepaper helps senior IT leaders answer four key questions: why outsource, when to outsource, how much to outsource and where to outsource.

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