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Net Neutrality: Should the Internet Be Preserved?

Net neutrality debate - presents net neutrality pros and cons - from customer and provider perspectives.

Economic Analysis of Net Neutrality (Argument for)

This report evaluates the economics of network neutrality showing that the benefits claimed for abandoning the principle of standardized, open communications network are small, or nonexistent, while the likely harm to consumers and the Internet economy are substantial.

Freedom, Regulation, and Net Neutrality

Is net neutrality a debate between "Netheads" who "advocate government regulation to protect themselves from potential anticompetitive actions or monopolistic exploitation by those 'Bellheads' who supply last-mile broadband access to the network?"

10 Problems with Net Neutrality Proposals

 This paper details current proposals for network neutrality, identifies the problems with them and proposes an alternative solution to address the network neutrality "issue"

Network Neutrality: Fact vs. Fiction

This report offers a point-by-point rebuttal of each of the major arguments made by opponents of Network Neutrality.

Nuts and Bolts of Network Neutrality

This paper explains the "mechanics of network discrimination" i.e. "the technical motivations for discrimination, the various kinds of discrimination and how they would actually be put into practice, and what countermeasures would then be available to users and regulators" to facilitate a more meaningful discussion on network neutrality.

Net Neutrality: Background and Issues

This research note provides a definition, background information and discusses the key issues of net neutrality.

The Economics of Net Neutrality

Against net neutrality - Why the Physical Layer of the Internet Should Not Be Regulated

Net Neutrality and Global Internet Governance

 This paper discusses the concept of network neutrality (NN) and explores its relevance to global Internet governance.

Network Neutrality or Internet Innovation?

 The author argues that granting network providers pricing flexibility should reduce the costs borne by consumers.

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