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Enterprise Portal Strategy Template

A practical template for developing and managing a corporate portal.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals

 Gartner magic quadrant research note on commercial and open source portals.

Governing the Portal

Why do you need to think about portal governance? Governance is a growing topic across the enterprise and a portal is just one silo in an organization. So, the real question might be: What is special about governing a portal environment? This article provides some common sense guidelines for setting up a portal governance strategy.

Creating a Winning Portal Governance Strategy

How do you develop a portal governance? Follow three easy steps in the framework...

Web Portal Strategy Case Study

 This case study describes the creation and implementation of a web portal strategy.

Implementing Portal Governance

Portals are a great idea. Till they are implemented. Now what?

Defining a Governance Model for Portals

Are portals yet another application or do they warrant special considerations? The author argues for the latter. We agree!

Implementing Portal Governance

Portals are a great idea. Till they are implemented. Now what?

Project Portfolio Management Business Case

Why use Project Portfolio Management (PPM)? CIOs recognize that one of the most effective ways to ensure projects and programs success is through formal portfolio management. However, there is little data on the actual delivery of business value or ROI through PPM tools, templates, and techniques. This research bridges that gap by providing empirical evidence with practical case study examples of the benefit of using PPM.

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