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talent management page on CIO Index provides important information and resources on the topic - what is talent management?, articles on talent management, experts in talent management etc. Members are free to download talent management powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, adobe pdf, word documents (login required), and view the profiles of or directly contact the talent management experts listed using in-messaging.

Talent Management Case Study (Citi)

 This talent management case study presents the strategy, framework, tool and process used by the business to cultivate talent.

Effective Talent Management Model

 This case study discusses building a model for effective talent management.

5 Skills of Successful Leaders

This presentation provides insights into 5 key leadership skills - employee empowerment, change management, team building, communications and training. Very Good Read!

What It Takes to Make ‘Star’ Hires Pay Off

"Many companies hire top-notch talent but then fail to reap the full benefits of those star employees. Often, the culprit is faulty managerial practices."

The Talent Management Imperative

This article presents an effective approach and framework to talent management in the 21st century.

Managing Virtual Teams

This presentation describes a "virtuality" index to measure the degree that a team is virtual. One can use this "virtuality" index to
- Identify problematic areas and devise solutions to fix those problems
- Identify and manage the impact of virtual teams on performance

It provides a case study in the use of "virtuality" index at Intel.

Integrated talent management: Part 2 Surviving corporate adolescence

Growing up has never been easy, for people or for organizations. This research identifies four broad stages of growth, each with particular talent management issues. Then it offers guidelines for anticipating and heading off the next set of challenges before they happen.

Engage Employees and Boost Performance

 "The more difficult challenge for companies is capturing the hearts and minds of good, reliable employees who are not stars but who are significantly more productive when engaged."

A Talent Strategy for Outsourcing

 Outsourced services operations face a war for talent that will ultimately determine their competitiveness.

Attaining Competitive Advantage Through Diversity

 Diversity management goes well beyond hiring women and minorities, however. "It basically concerns the central issue of whether – and to what extent – social diversity should be reflected in companies."

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