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Online Retail Analytics Courses Training

Retail Analytics course provides a framework within which one can develop his or her thinking on any key analytic business challenge with a view to identifying the right solution. There is nothing comparable to the Retail Analytics course anywhere and anyone looking to enter into retail should go through this.

This course on Retail Analytics will teach you some of the important concepts as given below:

Understanding of what retail analytics is?
Understanding the Product terminology
Retail definitions and type of Retailers
Retail Channel and Formats
Merchandise Category its uses and Functionality in Retail Environment.
Retail Articles its uses and different types of Articles like Single , Generic and Sales Set.
How Retail Supply chain works and Key Stake holders associated with Retail Supply chain
Entire Supply Chain Process and different document types in supply chain
Retail Assortment basic and its uses
Different type of retail channels in depth along with pros and cons of each
How multi-channel help retailer and how a brick and mortar retailer can develop multi-channel strategy
Retail Dashboard understanding , working on Score card and dashboard along with data, dimensions , KPI etc.
Using utilities to build dashboard covered utility like graphs, grids, maps, heat maps and networks
Recency Frequency and Monetary value segmentation Introduction and methods to build .
Building Model , Examples and application of RFM
Market Basket Analysis Introduction and Key Metrics Support , Confidence , Lift and Affinity

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